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Consider buildings. Although you may not be an architect, you can be touched by a graceful space. The kind of space where you close your eyes and feel the gentle hand of the architect reveal itself in the way sound and air moves around you. Try it sometime. Go to your favorite space. Close your eyes and breathe slowly and intuit the goodness.

A book with proper margins says a number of things. It says, we care about the page. It says, we care about the words. We care so much that we’re going to ensure the words and the page fall into harmony.—Craig Mod

I often think about design when it comes to buildings and open spaces, but before reading this I had never thought about it when touching or reading a book. I suspect that I’ve enjoyed a “good” book without really understanding why it was that I enjoyed it. From this point forward I can’t imagine not noticing the design and layout of a good book.

Let’s talk about margins —Craig Mod