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Says John Gruber about iPhone 3.0 Cut and Paste:

And blockquotes — cited passages from the page being linked to — were pretty much out of the question. Without copy-and-paste, the only accurate way to quote even just a few sentences from one web page and insert them in the DF entry would have been to transcribe the passage by hand with paper and pen, then re-type the passage on the iPhone.

@gruber Is 100% correct. That quote was lifted using the iPhone and pasted into the iPhone WordPress app. While I wouldn’t yet call using the WordPress iPhone app a seamless way to create new posts, the very fact that you can copy text from Safari and paste it into WordPress is an amazing time saver. What I’d really like to see is a WP bookmarklet that lets you easily transfer selected text from one app and use it as a starting point for a post in WP for iPhone. But, based on these shots, it looks like the next version of WP for iPhone should be much better for basic posting/linking.

(Full disclosure, I couldn’t complete this post on my iPhone using the current version of WPi. Too difficult to create links.)