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Any takers? Family Grapples With Castle on Hudson | via

Gorgeous piece of property, which you can see as you drive south of the Garrison School, looks like it may eventually be put up for sale.

T. Coraghessan Boyle lived in the Osborne gate house, and apparently taught in a local high school, early in his career.

Says Boyle:

[I was] a full-blown hallucinating dopehead of a terminally skinny hippie, stretched out at considerable length on one of the used and redolent sofas in the gatehouse to the Osborne castle in Garrison, New York, where I lived a Wordsworthian (or Coleridgian or maybe even De Quinceyan) life of long solitary hikes, contemplation, books, and dope.

It can all be yours for a cool $20 mil.