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A couple of days ago posted Jason Snell’s preview of the MLB app that was released yesterday, just in time for the baseball season to start today. (Go Yankees!!) According to Snell:

The app has gotten a major makeover. Most notably, live GameDay updates no longer take place in a generic baseball stadium. Instead, the app has custom graphics representing every major-league park… There are more visual changes, too: The overall design of the app has been simplified, while the scoreboard has been reworked with a new block-letter typeface and background insets reminiscent of the hand-operated scoreboards of yore. The app also is using more detailed pitch-by-pitch data courtesy of Major League Baseball’s in-stadium pitch-tracking data collection system.

I updated the app last night, right before I chose it as my App of the Week on the Revenge of the Fanboy! podcast and I’m supremely impressed. Great graphics and better stats indeed! And it looks like, for the better part of this week, you’ll be able to watch live game broadcasts for free. After that it’s a free “game of the day” or $129 to watch live games for the rest of the season, although lame blackouts apply, and you can listen to free audio of every major league broadcast. Personally, I think that radio is one of the best ways to enjoy baseball.

One other note, if  you have an AppleTV and the $129 subscription, AirPlay works perfectly.

This is, hands down, one of my favorite apps and one that I’m happy to fork out the $15 for every year. If you’re a baseball fan you can’t go wrong here.

Finally, check out The Revenge of the Fanboy! on iTunes. Rumor has it that they’re going to keep me on the podcast for a few more weeks, or until my agent starts demanding money.