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The Times just reviewed the latest addition to what is becoming an increasingly interesting food scene in Beacon, the town where I live. The Roundhouse at Beacon Falls is a gorgeous restaurant that is housed in what was, for as long as I have lived here, a derelict factory building on one of the most beautiful pieces of property in town.

The review is accurate. We've been there twice so far and the fare ranges from the amazing (Bluepoint oysters and refreshing ceviche) to the tasty-but-probably-something-you-could-just-as-easily-do-at-home. This, I think, is largely due to the fact that, as was mentioned in the review, all the meals are being cooked on outdoor grills that are located on the patio. Up until last week the restaurant had no gas service to the building so they have not been able to use their fabulous looking kitchen. (There are windows on the street from which you can watch the cooks at work.) The restaurant was waiting for MTA approval to allow them to run gas lines underneath an old set of train tracks. Those lines have now been run, so I'm guessing that, very soon, both the indoor restaurant and the patio restaurant will be in full service and no longer subject to the challenges of grilled cooking.

I highly recommend the Roundhouse and the patio for dining as an amazing delight.