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QuickBooks Self-Employed Review

QuickBooks Self-Employed is a a new offering from Intuit designed with self-employed sole proprietors in mind, helping them parse business and personal expenses and make sure they pay the correct amount in quarterly taxes and pay them on time. My Macworld review of...

DocMoto Review

Back in a long dark past I was hired at a NY law firm to find in imaging application that would make it possible to store and manage an inordinately large collection of case-related documents. I wish DocMoto had been around when I was looking. Powerful, highly...

Anypass Review

Have an older Mac or iOS device that doesn’t support iOS 8’s and Yosemite’s AirDrop features? Enter Anypass, a slick little app that opens the door to file sharing between your Mac OS and iOS devices. My Macworld review here.

Word for iOS Redux (Review)

Microsoft’s recently released update to the iOS word processing offering is, in short, pretty great. Microsoft has removed the Office 365 subscription requirement for editing and updated the iPhone version of the app, making editing Word documents possible on...

Wunderlist 3 Review

Great app for managing to-do lists, whether they be personal or for large workgroups. While I found the the Mac app a little frustrating to work with, overall Wunderlist is one of the best list management tools I’ve ever used. My review here.