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Cablevision Wants FCC To Intervene With News Corp.

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Cablevision Wants FCC To Intervene With News Corp. | via Gothamist

According to Media Decoder, a FCC official “indicated that the commission is likely to take a couple of days to review the responses from the two parties to the formal filings each submitted on their efforts to solve the dispute,” which means there will probably not be any Fall Classic tonight for Cablevision customers.

As far as I’m concerned, both Cablevision and News Corp can bite me.

Written by Jeffery Battersby

October 27th, 2010 at 10:17 am

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Kristin, Joanna, Mike, and Cablevision’s Power to Learn

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Beacon High School has an excellent TV production program run by a guy named Michael Gersh. Mr. Gersh is a consummate professional and the students that take his classes leave with top notch film and video editing skills.

Cablevision, our local cable provider, recently asked some local schools to produce videos on the subject of Internet safety. Mike Gersh’s classes were happy to oblige and what resulted was some excellent educational video on how to be Internet Wise.

Both Kristin and Joanna were involved in the production process, Joanna handled the boom mics for audio sequences (tough job, her arms were pretty sore afterward) and Kristin was featured in one of the videos about how you should choose your Internet friends. For her work here Kristin received an award from New York State Senator Steve Saland and was interviewed for Cablevision’s Neighborhood Journal.

The complete Internet Smarts video can be seen here. Kristin, and a certain cameo artist, are in the third segment.

All the indoor video segments with Kristin in them were filmed in our house, which, for me, confirms something that I’ve always suspected… our house looks great on film. So, all you location scouts out there, feel free to give me a shout.

Kudos to Kristin, Joanna, Mike and the entire BHS TV production class. You did a great job!

Written by Jeffery Battersby

March 24th, 2010 at 8:40 am