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I’ll Take A Window Seat

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While we wait for a smooth landing…

It’s always fun to have a link to someplace else. Some physical entity that ties you to something or somewhere else. It can become a window into another location or a reminder of one place while you’re actually in another. The window that appears in the photo above is just such a link.

The window you’re looking at sits just above a little loft bed in a cottage behind my mother’s house in California. She recently had it rehabbed by Brian, the same guy who just built our stairs. It was in this same little cottage that I taught myself to play piano on a cruddy old weather-beaten thing that barely played and that was lying behind piles of junk. It was badly out of tune and, no lie, when the fog rolled in, half the keys wouldn’t play. Taught me to really smack them when I had to though.

anyway, this window has a twin that is currently enroute to our house in NY. While I still have to double check the location, I think we have the perfect spot for it. And if not… we’ll make one.

This is where the fun lies though. A window in my mom’s house that’s also in ours. A special view that will remind us of home when we’re visiting family in CA and that, likewise, will remind my CA family of home when they’re visiting us. A little link to some other place three thosand miles away. A link that will exist long after I cease to. A link that any new owners of these places will have no clue about. But a link that, nonetheless, will tie these two places together forever, or at least for as long as these buildings continue to stand.

On top of that, it’s just a beautiful window. Can’t wait to have it shed its wonderful light in our house too. And who knows, maybe when I look through it I will see California.

Interested in a little week long vacation rental or just the right spot for a weekend getaway? Contact me and I’ll let you know who to call. It’s a lovely little place that you’re sure to enjoy.

Written by Jeffery Battersby

February 1st, 2005 at 5:50 pm

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Ghosts of the Past

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Don’t bring us presents…

Some of you who know our history know that about two-and-a-half years ago, while we were camping in the middle of the Sierra’s Emigrant Wilderness, the City of Beacon gave my neighbor a variance to build a deck on my property. Come to find out, there was a discrepancy in my neighbor’s survey that lead her to believe she owned a 10 x 100 foot section of my lot. During this process, because the City of Beacon provides no grievance process for errors committed by the Zoning Board of Appeals, I had to sue the City and my neighbor to stop her from building a deck and to force the City to rescind the variance they had granted. All a barrel of fun that made me seem super-neighborly and nice… (Note the gift baskets showering from the skies.)

The City, after realizing the error of their ways, quickly rescinded the variance, but, in order to finish the process with my neighbor, we had to create a Boundary Line Agreement; essentially a document stating that we agreed that my property line was the correct line and that hers was incorrect. Money changed hands (her title insurance company and my title insurance company both cut her a check), and after a thousand documents were signed, everything was finalized and everyone was happy… almost.

It turns out that my neighbor’s title insurance company didn’t file the paperwork with Dutchess County until about two weeks ago. I discovered this little fact last Thursday when the Mortgage Company that will not be named gave me a call to say that I would not be receiving my next draw. The draw that would pay for the lumber bill that I had been in arrears on since, oh, the framing idiots left in the middle of August. Needless to say, I almost had an aneurysm.

What makes this even more frustrating is that I disclosed the fact that there was a boundary line agreement in process, that had no effect on my property line, at my closing. The bank, or at least the bank’s attorney, had this info in hand ahead of time. Way ahead of time, in fact. And yet, I was told last Thursday that the filing of this document with Dutchess County was a BIG surprise and that, until there was a new survey in place and there was some sort of proof that nothing changed as far as my property line was concerned, no more dough would be forthcoming.

Upon hearing this there was immediate and profuse weeping and gnashing of teeth. (Maybe even an expletive or two.) I spent a good portion of Thursday and Friday tracking down vacationing lawyers and almost vacationing surveyors, to get the necessary paperwork to the bank. What’s sick is that, when everything was said and done, and the Mortgage Company that doesn’t want to be named finally called to say that, yes, money would appear in my account on Monday, what I was told was that, from everything they could see, there was no change to my property that would have effected my mortgage.

No duh! That’s what I told you when we closed and two seconds after you called me to say that my boundary line had changed!

So, thanks for the mental trauma, can you pass me the Valium now?

Written by Jeffery Battersby

October 25th, 2004 at 8:18 am

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Foiled Again

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The weatherman is NOT your friend…

So when was the last time YOU found the weather mavens to be correct about the weather for one week straight, hmmm? (Think of the vacations you’ve planned using the Farmer’s Almanac or the beach day you planned based on the prior evening’s weather report.) Granted, they predicted 6-12 inches on Tuesday and we got a paltry 1 or 2 on the ground that melted rather quickly, but they predicted more for Friday and sure enough we got some snow that morning as well.

So… for those of you following this little thing, you can re-read Monday’s missive and pretend that I meant March 22.

Written by Jeffery Battersby

March 20th, 2004 at 9:13 am

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