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The Beginning of the End of OS Vaporware at Microsoft?

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Ina Fried has an interesting interview with Microsoft’s Steven Sinofsky up at CNet news. In it Sinofsky offers up what appears to be a new philosophy of development and release, at least as far as OSs go, at Microsoft:

“Everybody wants to know what’s coming and what’s next.” But, he said, talking too soon, too early is actually a bad thing that just leads to frustration.

That’s in sharp contrast to the prior version of Windows, which was first shown as Longhorn back in 2003. It ultimately suffered through numerous delays and significant changes before being released as Vista.

From the sounds of it, gone are the days of announcing an OS and its yet-to-be-nailed-down feature set years before it’s ready to be released. Which, perhaps, means that they’ve stolen another page from the Apple playbook.

Written by Jeffery Battersby

November 21st, 2009 at 7:57 am

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