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And a little header detail…
Zero time to write of late. Vacation, family visits, writing deadlines, all of which conspire against my best intentions. So, just a little love note here to let you know that I still exist and that I’m still, at least presently, among the living.

Meanwhile, my friend Jane—who I’ve never met—over at Expiration Dates just posted a couple of photos that tickled me to the core. After seeing the header details over our windows and doors, they decided to do the same at their house. Beautiful if you ask me. Silly as it may seem it’s one of my favorite details in our house. I’m sure that it will be one of theirs too.

Jane also provides an interesting commentary on some trouble that they’ve had with people whacking a trail through their property. Sounds all to similar to the problems we’ve had with ATV’ers in our neck of the woods.