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For those of you looking for a way to spend your summer reading time, may I suggest Infinite Summer, the brainchild of Matthew Baldwin.

The challenge? Beginning June 21st (or thereabouts), start reading David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest, completing the task by September 22nd (or thereabouts.)

Sounds like good fun… count me in!

Official Rules:

There ain’t none. Read Infinite Jest, start around June 21st (if you want), finish around September 22nd (if you want), gloat about having completed the novel afterward (required)–Reading Infinite Jest in the time period specified = reading 75 pages per week. Get on it!

If you wish to read ahead, feel free. Think of us as a pacecar: you can leave us in the dust, but it’s probably best not to fall behind.

If you are ahead of the pack you should feel free to join the conversation. All we ask is that you adhere to the Inficratic Oath: First, Reveal No Spoilers. So, apparently, there is at least one rule.