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Now it’s FIR-real…

Got a call from Ted Timmer last night just about the time I was getting ready to run out and buy groceries. Klaus the reclaimed wood guy was making his deliveries. (Which maybe makes him Santa Klaus?) Ted had gotten some siding and beautiful slabs of redwood from Klaus, I was waiting for 6 x 6 reclaimed straight grained fir posts for the front porch. Even in the dark they were beautiful.

I wish I could say I was going to install them this weekend, but Christmas lights and a church cantata tomorrow, have pretty well chewed all my weekend time up. But the me that dreams would like to think I’m going to get the posts installed before the year ends.


Klaus milled these pieces perfectly. They’re almost a full six inches and have a pretty good heft to them. Can’t wait to see what they look like up. Plus, Ted thinks that we can cut one in half, taper it, and use the two pieces as posts for the opening between the kitchen/dining room and living room.


They make those 4 x 4 posts in the background look kinda tiny don’t they?