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And a little weekend cleanup

Busy weekend, especially it being Easter. Spent Saturday cleaning up outside the house, planting two apple trees, and prepping for the several new projects we have in mind. (also went shopping for a new front-loading washer and drier, but no purchase yet. Anybody have anything good, bad, or ugly to say about the LG TROMM 2688H?)

Sunday morning we tripped down to NYC for church and to see a friend of ours—Miriam Burns, the new conductor of the Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra—conduct at the morning services of Redeemer Presbyterian Church. We were fairly wiped out by the end of the day.

I hadn’t been paying that much attention to the blog over the weekend and also hadn’t posted anything in about a week. So I was surprised to find out on Monday that my site had been hit pretty hard over the weekend. A little deeper search into why that may have happened revealed the power of a Craftsman fireplace. I’d been Googled to death because of a post I made a week ago about wanting to trim out our kitchen fireplace in a Craftsman style. Apparently I’ve struck a Google nerve.

I have come across a couple of good books, which I’ll share here tomorrow, that have good pictures and some decent design ideas for the fireplace trim, but I haven’t yet found anything that I want to duplicate. In short I want something simple but elegant. Until I find it, the search is still on.