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Let’s hope not…

Friday brought a great (last?) blast of snow to the Northeast. About 12 inches around our house and plenty enough to allow us to put snowshoes on and get out into the woods.

dsc_0995.jpgKathy and I kicked it off with a nice, late Saturday afternoon jaunt into the woods behind our house. At the time we were the second set of snowshoe prints making their way up the trail. (We met the couple as they were on the way back from a trip all the way to the reservoir at the top of the mountain.) As the sun was beginning to set, Kathy and I broke off onto one of Scenic Hudson‘s new side trails (yellow blazes, but currently missing from Scenic Hudson’s trail maps) that leads around to the ruins of the Incline Railway. We didn’t make it quite that far, but we did enjoy a good stretch of virgin trail with on one’s company but our own.

Sunday I picked up some new snowshoes for Kristin and the entire family headed out intodsc_0985.jpg dsc_0998.jpgdsc_0997.jpgthe glorious snow. It was a brilliant afternoon with sun still high enough up on the horizon to reflect off of the eastern side of the valley. The kids had a gas and so did we. Really just a beautiful afternoon overall.

I’d like to hope that we’ll see a little more snow before the end of the winter, but if we don’t, I’m pleased that we were able to get three days in before the spring thaw.